Welcome to your Driver 1 car subscription. It's an exciting time and we want to ensure everything goes smoothly with the handover of your car.

Your main point of contact is our Subscriptions team. They'll help make sure everything runs smoothly and arrange the logistics of your booking. 

They will be in touch via email within one working day to introduce themselves as your point of contact and to let you know whether we need any further information. You can contact the team via our online chat service 

You may have some questions before you get into your car, such as how to get hold of a handbook for the car. Lots of answers to general questions can be found in our FAQ help centre and the Subscriptions team will also be there to help! 

On the day: 

When you go to pick-up from the Driver 1 centre there are certain things you can expect to happen before you are given the keys. 

You must be there to complete the handover, with your driving licence handy so that a check-in sheet can be completed. This will include noting the current mileage of the car, the amount of petrol and if the car has any pre-existing scratches, dents or wear and tear. You should be given a physical copy or emailed a copy of this too. 

In order to note any scratches, dents or wear and tear, the check-in should involve walking around the car with the fleet partner or delivery driver for anything applicable to be recorded on the check-in sheet. If you do notice any additional imperfections within the first 24 hours, please take clear photographs detailing this and send it to hello@driver1.co 

Your car should have a minimum of a quarter of a tank of fuel and you will need to cover any fuel you use during your subscription. At the end of your subscription, you will be expected to return the car with the same level of fuel that it had at the start of your subscription. Your mileage allowance (of 8,000 miles per annum prorata) will then apply from the mileage noted at check-in until your subscription comes to an end. You are responsible for all congestion charges or TOLLs from the day of collection onwards. Please ensure that you pay for them to avoid PCNs. If you have any questions please contact us at hello@driver1.co 

Once the check-in is complete you'll be all set to get going.

Enjoy driving with Driver 1.