Benefit from car subscriptions with a Driver 1 Centre

As society changes, consumer needs change. Car ownership is coming under pressure due to various factors: urban congestion, increased environmental awareness, an overall shift towards user-ship. These changes are not the death knell of the automotive industry. Cars aren’t going away even if individual car ownership declines, but car utilisation rates will optimise over time, with more people making use of less cars. The challenge lies in adapting your product offering.

Already today, we see new products available to customers that focus on individual choice, flexibility and user experience. The focus is moving from the vehicle to the driver. This is where Driver1 comes in.

In a changing market, flexibility and agility are key. The capability to detect shifting or emerging customer needs, define a business case and go to market with a new product to profitably meet customers’ demands are the ingredients for success. Car subscriptions are starting to take off.